Font to go with Center City

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What would be a good readable font to go with Center City a slab-serif font?

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Can you provide a link to it, for reference?

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suprisingly I can't even find it online. i found this but it's not a very good reference.!32184~CenterCityBold~font.html

the version i have has bold, bold oblique and regular and regular oblioblique. I'm primarily using the bold oblique version. I was sort of thinking about coupling it with ITC Conduit or maybe Target or Normetica but not sure. I will need to use body copy with it and it has to have a tech science feel.

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gosh, looking around now i'm starting to realize i cant find this font anywhere.

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i can download center city in all truetype but can i convert it to postscript? it looks like it came off the typecase 2001 disc which i have no clue how to get a hold of.

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Perhaps you can't find it because it's actually called "City BQ" by Berthold. What you're looking at on Font101 is an illegitimate version.

Here's some good alternatives from other foundries:

Dispatch Condensed Bold by Cyrus Highsmith (Font Bureau)

Memphis Bold by Chauncey H. Griffith (Linotype)

Rockwell by F.H. Pierpoint (Monotype)

Stymie Medium by Morris Fuller Benton (Linotype)

Geometric Slabserif 712 Bold OT by F.H. Pierpoint (Bitstream)

PTL Qugard Slab Caps by Ole Schafer (Primetype)

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Thanks. I think I'll stick with City BQ. I am leaning towards coupling it with ITC Conduit but the Capital Italic E is driving me nuts. Should I just open it up and make an E from the F? That E is really bizarre to me for the typeface.

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Wow, Jared comes out of nowhere with a nice slabby list.

wyclef - Conduit is bizarre indeed, intentionally. I get the feeling you're not ready to buy any new fonts, so why don't you let us know what you've got and then we can be more helpful in suggesting a City pair. If you are willing to invest in some new type, may I suggest FF DIN, Diamante, and Eurostile as a tamer alternatives to Conduit.

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