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Hi! I am neither a type designer nor typographer as most of you can probably see. However, I'm deeply in love with type:)

Drammen is sort of a starting point for my typographic self-education, and I will be glad if you could give me some feedback and point me in the right direction.


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alt_A.gif268 bytes
alt_J.gif189 bytes
alt_P.gif218 bytes
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Is it a typeface already or is this done in Photoshop. If it’s a typeface, can you type in some lines of text? The st ligature is very nice!


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It is photoshop for know.

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My own comments, since no one else have posted yet:

The alternative stylish uc "A" seem wrong somehow. Something about the curves. The lc "r" also leaves a big empty room behind it. I also think maybe the alternative ampersand is a bit messy.

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There is a lot of inconsistency between the character widths and serifs. Without knowing if that is intentional or not it is hard to comment on.

The spacing is inconsistant too, which I doubt is intentional.

I think it's also difficult to give feedback on something with such a relatively limited number of options. Just keep pushing those pixels until you get something you're happy with.

Here are a few quick suggestions...

I'm not sure if making pixel fonts is the best starting point for a typographic self-education :)

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