Ambigrams - Frustrating

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Guys, is it possible to do an Ambigram with every word there is? Been trying for ages with my name, but to no avail. Getting a bit frustrated now.

Anyone want to lend a little hand here? Drop us a line please.


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Post what you have and we'll take a look.

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There's alot to learn about them. . .

He's pretty good at it ;)

Off of the top of my head I would like to ASSume that you probably cannot legibly and effectively produce an ambigram from any word. . . but I'm sure there are abstract arrangements that are somewhat equal. . .

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Tell us your name. One trick I have found helpful is to not assume that each character has to form its opposite, so you can use parts of one character to form parts of another in the opposite direction. But yes some combinations are impossible.


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See Langdon's page about "types of ambigrams". Given the many different ways to approach them, and an infinity of lettering styles to draw from, it's just a matter of ingenuity.

You could also post your name and let the Typophiles take a swing at designing some for you. Could be fun all around. I love playing with ambigrams.

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Letterforms are infinitely malleable. If they weren't, we would run out of typefaces to design. Therefore, no ambigram is absolutely impossible. It's just a matter of how good it can be. Sometimes it will necessarily be bad.

And one never stops learning new tricks with practice; there are requests that, had I received them only a few years ago, I would have turned away saying "it's not going to be remotely legible or attractive," but are within my ability to make them so now. The last time I actually said "I'll understand if you just want a refund" was for BOOXTER, and even then they picked a sketch they liked enough to approve for completion.

Feel free to look through my ambigram gallery for inspiration (or to commission me if you've given up, as I am still madly cheap).

(new url. I didn't realize editing the reply would drop it to the end.)

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Kevin, you should charge more then you wouldn't starve!

Nick Cooke

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