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Jürgen Weltin (born 1969) is a graphic designer specializing in type design, logos and logo lettering. He started his first typeface Finnegan in 1995 as a student, which was later published by Linotype in 1997.

He worked as an employed graphic designer in Germany and later as type designer for The Foundry in London. After deciding to settle in Germany he began working in his own studio.

In 1999 he was awarded the D&AD award for the telephone book typeface Yellow for British Telecommunication plc. which he started in February 1998 for The Foundry and that needed to be finished in only three months. In 2001 he received Certificates of Excellence in Type Design both for Linotype Finnegan and Yellow by bukva:raz! international type design competition.

Balega, a stencil-like display font, was designed in 2002. Balega's letters are very bold, and have a slight italic slant. While some of the uppercase forms appear somewhat sharp, the lowercase is definitively round and friendly. Text set in Balega has a very forward moving motion giving the typeface a very dynamic feel.

In 2007 Linotype published his large humanist sans serif type family Agilita.
With his wonderful wife and two daughters he lives in a house south of Munich, Bavaria. He claims to be the fastest type designer on a bicycle.

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