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This font looks close enough to real handwriting
But it is not as legible as I would like it to be.
Any suggestions?

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Fix the kerning tables and redraw the letters to have a single x-height so that you get better word shapes.

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This font is called Handwriting Dakota.
It has already been designed by someone else.
I am only a designer. I like it, but its hard to read.
I was wondering if you had any suggestions on a more legible font.

Thanks jpad,

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Ohhh. I use Comicrazy, for handwriting. That’s probably my inner nerd showing through.

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You can try Olga - it's close enough (but not slanted)

George Triantafyllakos - backpacker.gr

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"I was wondering if you had any suggestions on a more legible font."
Times or Helvetica.

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Psachyah, do you have a PC with Vista? There's a new handwriting face included there that uses a lot of contextual alternates; looks handwritten and is very legible: Segoe Script.

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crossgrove, i have a mac.

thanks all,

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i am looking for this font, but can't find a way to purchase orinstall it on my machine. where did you get it?

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Handwriting - Dakota comes with Apple OS
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