(x) Rearrangements and Neighboring Group Effects - Perpetua {Jan Erdmann, Yves}

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What this Typeface name is?

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The classic Perpetua by Eric Gill.

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Amazing the two different g int the word Neighboring?

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Nothing happens for 15 minutes, but when I decide to comment suddenly Jan is there. Again! :^D

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Faster than the master. Again!!!

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> Amazing the two different g in the word Neighboring?

Hehehe, looks like somebody put a lowercase "g" back in the wrong case.

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> Faster than the master. Again!!!

Yeah yeah yeah, rub it in! :^P

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Look about that now...

The r at the right is the Perpetua one (from Linotype. The one on the left (posted) has a serif on his shoulder. Where does it come?

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Maybe that’s what Yves meant with “classic” Perpetua. Whatever that means. Maybe he’ll explain (?).

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If this is pre-digital, as it seems to be, there might be details in the larger metal sizes that didn't make it to the digitization.

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If you look at the Perpetua showing in the Jaspert 'Encyclopaedia of Typefaces' you will see the same flag on the 'r' as the posted sample. That was making me nuts until 'sim' raised the question, and I knew I was not alone.

- Mike Yanega

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