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For those attending the TypoTechnica 2007 conference at the end of this week, it might be interesting to know that we will present a new FM module, namely DTL CompareMaster, in Frankfurt.

DTL CompareMaster is a tool for comparing the outline, metrics and hinting information of fonts / glyph databases. This way different fonts, different versions of the same fonts and different platform editions of specific fonts can be compared. Also the program provides the opportunity to compare (unwanted) adaptations with their origins. This is not only useful for type designers and font producers, but for instance also for design agencies and printers.

Currently the program supports the PostScript Type 1 format for Mac OS and Windows (so, for the moment other formats like OT CFF have to be converted first). Output options include PostScript plot files and extensive or summarized listings in text format.

DTL CompareMaster was exclusively programmed for and in close co-operation with the Dutch Type Library by the Hamburg based company URW++, pioneers in the field of font tools development since the early 1970's.

DTL CompareMaster is available for Mac OS X and Windows.

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DTL CompareMaster Public Beta

Anticipating the support for the OpenType format in DTL CompareMaster, the Dutch Type Library releases the current edition for Mac OS X as a public beta version. This version supports the PostScript Type 1 format and is fully functional.

Use the following link for downloading the program directly:


Please note that it is not a final release and that neither the quality nor the features are complete yet.

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