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Hello Typophiles,

I've been working on a new typeface for quite a while now and have decided to use it as an excercise to learn a bit about OpenType fonts. I've added an alternative 'a' to the font as well as a set of ligatures. When I view the font in Illustrator or Indesign the font appears at the bottom of the menu instead of at the top. Is there something i'm doing wrong when exporting?

Many thanks!

Dave Lawless

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It's because you are on a Mac. There is a known bug in InDesign and the Mac with fonts with MORE than Latin-1 characters sets.

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Thanks Vince!

Nothing to be concerned about then?


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well actually it's a Mac thing it happens in Word as well.

I'm actually always struggling to fix it. I though what you could do is 'fake' it as a Greek code page. And that might fool it.

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I'll give it a bash,


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I believe it's not a Mac problem, because sometimes my fonts show up at the bottom of the list as well. And I'm on Windows, most of the time.
But it's quite random, sometimes it also sits in alphabetical order, like it should.

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I'm not sure this is really a bug. Some programs choose to separate some fonts on the basis of their encoding. You may notice other strange things, like Mac OS guessing at the encoding of your font and getting it wrong and so giving you an unexpected preview. When I preview mine, I often find that it chooses to show me the Cyrillic instead of the Latin.

If that's the case as well, then it's an encoding issue. If you include a proper codepage, it should recognize it correctly and maybe also put it back in the right place in the menu.

However, I've also noticed other problems when I include extra codepages, such as the encoding getting completely mangled and most of the characters missing. I'm not sure where the problem is there, but I think it might be with Fontlab (or my settings).

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An extensive answer was given in this thread.

An interesting question: Is it a hack to flag the Greek codepage if the font does not contain any Greek glyph? After all, it addresses a bug in ATM.  ;-)

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