Trade Gothic Cyrillic Version

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I am urgently looking for a cyrillic version of Trade Gothic (Standard/Regular and Bold No.2). Any ideas? Otherwise, are there any cyrillic letterform specialist that could be recommended for drawing this?

Please help,

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well, as Trade Gothic is a Linotype face, and their EULA prohibits modifications, you may have to contact them to arrange for the changes you need.

ParaType has a cyrillic version, if not they're the best at doing customizations.
If they're not available, I'd have to recommend considering P22 to do a custom job for you. :^D>

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Drawing a Cyrillic counterpart from scratch cannot be prohibited.
Joshua, what's your budget, and your timeframe?


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ParaType has a Cyrillic version of News Gothic on their site. (Linotype's Trade Gothic was based pretty closely on ATF's News Gothic.)

(I would provide a direct link, but the site's use of frames makes it impossible.)

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