how do you pronounce...

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how do you pronounce - "Caecilia"

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FAQ Pronunciation

(sorry, i don't have the answer, but just tying everything together...)

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I believe it would be the same as "Cecelia": Seh-SEAL-yuh. Unless it's some non-English pronunciation (like Oo-knee-VAIR for "Univers").

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I thought I read somewhere that the Cae is pronounced with a Z sound. maybe Zah-SEE-lee

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Behind the Name says it's the German form of Cecelia. A search doesn't turn up much of interest, but it appears in a lot of German pages with the spelling "Cäcelia" so I guess it would be like "zezelia" or something.

Note: At some point German started using "ä" for the digraph "ae" (when it represents a single sound), so Latin words and names, like Caecelia, that were borrowed before that time also sometimes ended up with "ä" (though many names didn't change).

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You're breakin' my heart!

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Joshua, can you sing that for us with all the falsetto and everything? :-)


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Caecilia, you're breaking my Quark
You're shaking my confidence daily
Oh, Caecilia, I'm bashing my keys
I'm begging you please to come home
Come on home

Setting text in the afternoon with Caecilia
Up in my bedroom (setting text)
I got up to change typeface
When I come back to Quark
Someones taken my typeface

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Peter Mathias Noordzij's wife is called Caecilia. He's Dutch and she's Dutch and the Dutch say "Say-See-Lee-Ah" Where Say is a bit prolonged and more eee-ish. (Wish I had a phonetic dictionary around).

BTW There is a Saint C.

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Bert, that sounds lovely.

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Get down Si! :-D


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Sii, that is wonderful. My colleagues all wonder why I am humming the song right now.

And yes, I have a beautiful singing voice ... just ask Zara Evens.

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Caecilia -- seh-SEE-lee-ah -- A feminine form of Caecilius ; probably derived from caecus (blind)

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If you were out drinking with Zara at a Kareoke bar, I don't think either of you would have been in the best shape to judge beautiful singing :-)
You could do a reprise at TypeCon though?


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Paul Simon Daniels strikes heart into the terror of songwriters everywhere. ;)

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