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Tobacco is based on some stuff I posted a long long time ago. Hrant gave me an advice there and now I want to implement it that I could use this font for a school project where I have to design some cigarette packages. Thats why I call it Tobacco. Some letters are not finish yet but I wanted to show it to you before I go to bed :)

Here is the old thread with the old stuff. I think it looks completely different now.

And then the new one:

Hope you like it

So, best wishes and good night: Steven

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Nice, I like it.
Although I think some of the glyphs of the old version, had character as well. Maybe you could add the 'M' of the previous version in the new one as an alternate or something? Same for the 'Q'.
The caps are quite small, or the ascenders of the lc quite short, I see that this is on purpose, but words starting with an initial caps look kinda odd in my opinion. Seperately it looks fine.

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I like it too, especially for setting all capitals.

It's definately an improvement on the old version, but I agree with Quincunx in that some glyphs (particularly the M) from the old one would make good quirky alternates.

I think I would like the U&lc more if the caps were just a little bigger. Maybe the same height as your i or t which I would also make the same height as each other.

I think the tall ascender and short descender combination works well.

The W could be slightly wider. It's 'feet?' on the baseline seem a bit close together.

A non grungy version would probably look good too. Maybe without the angled top edges that are on the E F H I L N T U V W and the top of the lc vertical stems, but then it may lose a lot of its character.

It's a work in progress, so I guess you havn't worked on the kerning yet, because that's a very lonely A :)

Looking forward to seeing it progress.

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This is quite charming I think. The finish on the letterforms is really nice. The only thing that strikes me as needing obvious correction are the dots on the "i" and "j": they're too low; maybe put their bottoms at the cap height. That and the blankspace is too big.

When this is done, make a much darker (and somewhat wider) weight too!

BTW, consider calling it Tabac instead - classier, and sounds better.


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"BTW, consider calling it Tabac instead - classier, and sounds better."

I agree. It fits with the continental feel of the font. says the German for Tobacco is Tabak. Even better?

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That's also the Dutch word for it.

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Thank you for all your comments.

Unfortunately, my computer has some bad problems with its main-storage and everytime I try to install my updated font the pc has a break-down. So I could not show you some updated work of "Tabak" until I fixed my computer.

Bye: Steven

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