Does anyone know where I can get the measurements for the U&lc magazine?

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General measurements Including inside and outside margins, top and bottom margins, gutter width, fonts used, spine width etc. Thank you.

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Sorry, I don't have a copy to find that information but for $55 you can have a copy of your very own...


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U&lc was always 11 x 14.75 until around 1998 when they switched to a smaller 8.5 x 11 format. As for margins etc., the design is quite varied over their 25+ years as a print publication, so you will have to check specific issues for those details. try a university library for back issues. Also, check out the great book on the history of U&lc edited by John Berry and published by Mark Batty.

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i'm not very experienced, but i made some works and they looked ok.
I'm using indesign and for the bleed for A4 formats and below, i usually choose a 3mm bleed and a 10 mm margins (always depends on the finishing details (bookbindery....); for bigger formats i go until 10 mmm bleed and 30 mm margins. It's always depends on something, so i don't know the best way to find out it's working in this domain.
webee is a design blog.

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11 x 14.75 is correct, margins varied - some pages bleed - all kinds of fonts as per nature of article - no spine, saddle stitched - three staples. from winter 95 issue of U&lc

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So does that mean it does not have specific sizes? Does other magazines like Creative Review or Baseline have specific measurements? Thanks.
PS does it have information inside the copy of the U&lc magazine? If so, where would i usually find that information?

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"11 x 14.75 is correct..."
"So does that mean it does not have specific sizes?"

It means it had 2 specific sizes during its life. 11 x 14.75, as Bojev mentioned, was for the first several years. You get the information by measuring an issue. There is a book available on the whole history of U&lc.


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Would you know the name of the book Chris? And about measuring gutter width, how do I measure accurately i.e. some letters poke out at the end of a margin than others. How do I know where to measure at? It's easy to identify the beginning of a margin if left flush but what about the end of the other margin? Or am I being silly now? :D

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Google for the book. It wiil pop up. About the measurements? Yup, you are being silly again. There should be a big owners manual with each ruler you buy :-)


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Influencing design & typography
Edited by John D. Berry

But if you are only interested in the sizes and page formats, you can get all of that information from fellow posters (people who post comments, not printed pictures to hang up).

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Could anyone please scan in a variety of inside double page spreads for me if you have a copy. It can be from any issue. Much appreciated. Many thanks.
PS How do you think U&lc s differnt in thier target audience and layouts? Does U&lc have a variety of layout grid systems on each article? I know Baseline does.

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Chris, how do you mean a 'big owners manual'. Please explain. I am new to all this so i have no clue what you are on about. Sorry but not my fault. We learn new things everyday so educate me please.

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I've pulled these off Mark Batty's site as well as The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, since scanning the oversized U&lc pages would take some time.

You can see the above spreads follow a four-column grid, while the spread directly below follows a three-column grid.

I believe this bottom spread is from the smaller format version, but I'm not sure.

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Do they have small format versions too? because I have the one that is slightly larger than an A3 when seen as a double page spread. So does this mean that U&lc don't have a specific grid system on each section or article within their magazine then? Hmmmm, I wonder. Is it like Baseline where every article is varied in structure etc? What issues are these and what yr? I shall check the website out too. It's weird how they don't have a website liek Creative Review. Thanks anyway.

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Do they have small format versions too?

U&lc was always 11 x 14.75 until around 1998 when they switched to a smaller 8.5 x 11 format. As for margins etc., the design is quite varied over their 25+ years as a print publication, so you will have to check specific issues for those details. try a university library for back issues.

sorry to be so offensive, but.. you can read, right?

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>It’s weird how they don’t have a website liek Creative Review.

No, it isn't wierd! U&lc's last issue was published in 1998 or 1999. It is not a printed magazine anymore.

However, there is a sort of "online version" on the website. Look here –

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Aaaah ok. Sorry, I am/was not aware of that. Thanks for the info. I'm learning new things everyday. So do you think there are copies still out there to buy? Would anyone want an old copy? Just curious.

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You can probably buy/sell old copies on eBay and/or from used book stores with a heavy typographic bent.

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> how do you mean a ‘big owners manual’. Please explain.

That was just a joke, there is no owner's manual with a ruler :-)


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haha, sorry. i don't know when people on here are joking or serious because I only have limited knowledge. Please type in brakets (serrious) or (not so serious) haha :D

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How come my isssue is
Width 21.35 cm
Height 27.5 cm
Now i'm really confused. The issue I have is Volume 25 No 2: Fall 1998
Please help...
PS I am trying to insert image but it won't allow me. Keeps saying 'Could not copy image. Error'. Hmmm....I wonder why? I tried png file extension and Jpeg.

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That would be the size James quotes as the new size from 1998 on – 11(h) x 8.5(w) inches.


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>there is no owner’s manual with a ruler :-)

That's funny, 'cause my owner's manual clearly says "Use this side for inches and this other side for metric"

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What program are you trying to insert it into? You should generally save images as TIFF or EPS for use in layout applications (InD and Quark) but jpegs should work. Not PNG.

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I am trying to insert images onto my thread on here. I have tried JPEG but not working :( Tried changing name of the file too as someone mentioned few months ago to me. Nevermind.

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Please read 'image technical requirements' in the Typophile Posting Guidelines.

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Thank you William. i have gone totally with those guidelines. Nevermind. I have done it before but nowadays i'm just unlucky trying to insert an image. That's why I tend to attach files but I can't attach to other posts except the first one I start my thread with.

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I had a bit of trouble with image insertion yesterday. I had to try it two or three times before it worked.

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Ok, thank you. I shall try again and again and if needed again and agian lol :D haha.

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