VHS in DVD Prodaja

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Deadline close, client's corporate id designer unavailable, panic... I know you have been through this too. So help me please!


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No, it must be something less sophisticated with no lower case (just small caps)... Thanks anyway.

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Morning, The letter forms are similiar to a stretched Bee Three, or Bee Two but not an exact match. There are differences in the S and J.

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Sorry Matjaz. I thought it might have been Heinrich Lischka's Noga,
but it isn't.

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David Thometz' Silvertone Woodtype and Max Kisman's Pacific Standard
come reasonably close, but there's always some character that mismatches.

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These are no small caps but reduced caps: the stroke width is narrower
on the smaller caps. So it's possible the face has lowercase.

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What is the source of this sample? I wouldn't be surprised if it
was formed from a sign maker's vinyl stencils rather than a
type designer. Note the significantly lighter 'V'.

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