Garamond Premier, Jenson, and Minion bundled with CS 3?

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Hi everyone,

Considering my update options here, I'm eager to know this: Will I get Adobe Garamond Premier (with the Opticals), Adobe Jenson, and Minion with Creative Suite 3 Standard? How about Creative Suite 2.3 Standard/Premium?

I did see the recent threads about Arno Pro and Hypatia Sans (but I want the Slimbach classics!).


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Moikka Olli,

along with CS2, you get Jenson, Minion and a lot more, including the regular Adobe Garamond. Check this out: Bundled fonts in Creative Suite 2.
You may optionally download Garamond Premier Pro (with opticals) for free (as a registration incentive—just as Thomas’ Hypatia now with CS3).

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Thanks, Florian, but I did know all that. I was wondering specifically about the 2.3 version, and the CS 3.

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OK, I found this thread on the Adobe forums, suggesting that Garamond Premier still comes with CS 2.3.

But what about the promised list of bundled fonts for Creative Suite 3? See here. Thomas, please?

Add: Oh well, I'm looking to update from InDy 2 to Design Standard CS 3, and I guess there's no comparable update to Design Standard/Premium CS 2.3 anyway (I don't have Photoshop). Please correct me if I'm wrong!

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CS3 comes with a nice font bundle, but it only includes 4 faces of Garamond Premier Pro: regular, italic, semibold and semibold italic. No Adobe Jenson Pro. 11 faces of Minion.

We'll have the full list up shortly.


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Thanks a million, Thomas!

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Achtung! No Jenson Pro? That's what I was afraid of when I started the Arno Pro thread! What is the reasoning behind dropping one of the best typefaces in Adobe's catalog from the bundle? Sure, Arno is great, but at the expense of Jenson? I dunno if I like that.

Additionally, if there are 4 weights of Garamond Premier Pro, why also include the same weights of Adobe Garamond Pro? THAT doesn't make sense to me.

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Achtung! No Jenson Pro?

I’m pretty sure that most designers already have legit licenses for Adobe Jenson left over from previous Adobe software purchases. While it would be nice to see Arno as just an addition to everything else, it’s better than just expecting people to keep paying for the same fonts over and over.

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I have since posted the full list of CS3 bundled fonts on my blog, here:



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