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Okay so here's my first go at posting something for critique. I'm somewhat timid about posting anything here for fear of being ripped to shreds, but you don't learn without some mistakes along the way huh? Anyhow, here are two projects i've been playing with (thats what type design is for me. i'm sure you'll be able to tell!)
The first, Seventies Schoolbook, is based on letterforms that i first saw as a kid in elementary school on some reading textbooks. The second is based on letterforms drawn to illustrate a book called "Aha, Gotcha!" Both are in the very formative stages, but i thought i'd post here to get yer feedback as to whether either of these projects have artistic merit and whether i should spend any more time working on them. Both are missing characters, i'm more concerned about Digitize tho, because the letterforms are all variations of highly stylized numerals, but i haven't quite figgered out how to manipulate the basic forms to create suitable glyphs for K,P,Q & Y. Anyhow, without further ado...

application/pdfMy First Critique Projects
RoughPass.pdf (24.1 k)

Go ahead, be harsh! I can take it.

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Hey, the top one is actually pretty cool! It looks like a really wild version of this typical 70s font (I forget the name).

The bottom one is "cute", but the era of nonletters-as-letters has been gone too recently to be interesting.


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Martin Gardner's numbers/letters aren't they? If they're not, I've seen them in one of his books. Don't think they're a full font. I'm wondering how you intend to handle the A/a and B/b, which don't appear in number names until 1,000 and 1,000,000,000.

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It's pretty straightforward to make a 2 into Q simply by extending the top bit around until it gets close to the tail. (this works best in handwritings where the 2 is closer to the Devanagari 2 numeral form: .)

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Thanks for the input, guys. I guess the digits are fairly 80s huh? I guess thats a little bit of nostalgia for me then and with the 80s styles back on the rise... maybe this one will be interesting again (and then again, maybe not)
Darren, i tried to "solve" as many of the glyph issues as i could. I'll post a sample. Obviously some of my solutions don't "work" as well as others.

DigitzFull.pdf (11.3 k)

One thing i've thought about doing with this one is to slightly tweak out the basic letterforms to make them fit each letter better, but i'd want it to be something subtle if i did that. Anyhow, just a few things i've been playing with.
Hmmm, a 2 for a Q, why didn't I think of that??? i'll see if i can work it with what i've got. Then again maybe i'll play with the forms and really "own" them!

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Well, obviously the Y could use the same glyph of the 4, like you did with the 6/G, and the 2 suggestion by Shreyas is very good. I disagree with Hrant, the whole feeling of Digitize is something way beyond "numbers as letters", it's "letters as numbers" as well, and back again. I think it is very intriguing.
Whi don't you call it "Digitease", the sound is similar and it could mean Digitize, Digi-tease, and Digit-ease at the same time. :-)

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