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Shoot For The Goal is a library card membership initiative for 1st grade.

I have a lot of stuff going on in this one, and I don't want it to be confusing.

I appreciate any feedback you folks have.

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The title might be confusing in the first place.
It looks too soccer-related for my taste.
No reference to books and reading.

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The first version definitely does have too much going on. I don't think it works.

The second version is better, but still looks too busy to me. I don't know if the "Sh" has to be connected to the "oo", or even if the "oo" needs to be connected to the swoosh.

I'd say simplify it. Pick one element that you think works best, and focus on that, whether it's the ball with the swoosh, or the goal, or something else.

- Lex

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Yeah, soccer and libraries aren't synonomous.

Library directors theme their programs. They are inviting high school soccer players to read and talk about using libraries. They are including stuffed soccer balls with packets. I am to design the information packets.

Time to tinker some more.

Thanks for the feedback, gents.

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