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I'm almost hesitant to post this. I provided my professor with dozens of ideas for a masthead/logo for Street Sheet newspaper and he keeps pushing me towards this one. Street Sheet is a newspaper on homeless issues and is produced in San Francisco.
I am not happy with this masthead/logo, but don't know if I can make it work at all. He insists that the boots reach above the box, but I feel that it makes it less readable. This masthead goes on the top left of the paper, on the right is a blue box with secondary information.
Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

streetsheetlogo-april16.gif11.25 KB
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I always look at the image before reading the post, so I can look at it with fresh eyes. I saw "STROOT SHOOT."

It doesn't work because the letters are uppercase, while the shoeprints are lowercase. Try setting it as "street sheet" or "Street Sheet."

I'd also think about simplifying the tread on the prints so the 'e's read better. There's just too much going on inside the blue areas for them to be instantly recognizable as 'e's.

Have you thought about what would happen if this logo had to be printed in one colour? (My suggestion would be to remove the box and print the letters and shoeprints in black).

- Lex

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I also read 'STROOT SHOOT'.

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Me too.

I don't like the bootprints extending outside of the black rectangle either. But I don't think it would look good completely inside. Have you tried a version without the black?

I know it's been said in the forums before: just because your professor pushes you toward something doesn't make it the best design.

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Thanks for your comments, I totally agree with you, I'll try it without the box, and a simpler tread. I'll post one with lowercase that I have.

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