flyer with blackletter and bright colors

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I stumbled across this neat flyer for a club in San Francisco, and I wanted to share it with everyone:


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Wow, awesome work! Thanks for sharing!

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Just to be clear, the design is not mine. :)

This is the designer:


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just wondering: what do you base yourself on to say this is "neat"?

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> maximebuechi

I think it's an Americanism for 'Nice', 'Cool', 'Sweet' etc.. although it's been lost in translation, there's certainly an irony which has been found.

My only problem is the illegibility of the address beneath 'Rick Shaw Stop' due to the stroke on the gothic type combined with the small .pt size.

Other than that its certainly going to draw attention.. I just hope it's long enough for people to decipher what it actually says.

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I'm skeptical of the legibility compromise here for "neat"-looking type. Here are two easier-to-read designs by the same guy - thanks for linking his work! &

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I don't know that legibity is the #1 issue with a club flier. I think you want people to pick it up - one way to do that is to make them think - 'what's that?'. I think it works.

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Yes, by "neat" I meant "cool." Had no idea that was an Americanism. :)

Oh, and everybody in SF who might be going clubbing knows where the Rickshaw Stop is... the address doesn't even need to be on the flyer. :)


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Aside from being a graphic designer and typographer, I Dj as a hobby. My new drum´n´bass project here in Brasil is called Marvada, which is a funny way of saying something´s evil. I used blackletter AND bright colors for the project identity as well. Hope you enjoy it.

Merry Christmas!

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i too think it is neat. And very much a trend it seems with clothes for teens to young adults.

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