Arno Pro, a new Robert Slimbach typeface, now shipping

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Arno Pro, the new Slimbach magnum opus already discussed here at some length, is now shipping.

Some info and links here:



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There is something wrong with your URL's. :)

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Fixed, thanks.

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No comment.


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I hear that CS3 is shipping. I am hoping my copy arrives real soon so I can take Arno for a spin.


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sigh OK, now I guess I have a good reason to upgrade my box to run CS3 (since I can't even run CS2 on this one....)

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How much of it comes with CS3? The whole thing or part of it?

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The entire family, including all five optical sizes. 32 fonts in all, with about 3000 glyphs per font.

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When Adobe says "now shipping", how can I judge when mine will arrive. I ordered CS3 at the end of March. I am more interested in getting the fonts at this point to help with an article on Opentype that I am writing.


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Chris, contact me offline....

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