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Dear Design Forum,

Me and my partner are designing a logo for a school project - a magazine/newspaper for Israeli and Palestinian youth (ages 9-14) called "Windows" (Chalonot / Shababik).
We came up with this logo treatment, and we're wondering about the Arabic - is it readable as the Hebrew (which is quite distinguished)?
Also any other comments are welcome.

Thank you!

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Since I don't read Hebrew I can't attest to the relative legibility between the two scripts*, but the Arabic itself is plenty legible. The only potential problem (which the Hebrew probably has too) is the possible confusion with the circles; you might try making them different - maybe make the Arabic ones diamonds. A bigger problem however is how the logo will look without color, since you're relying on that heavily for legibility.

* Which probably is only of academic interest however.



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the hebrew's also plenty legible!

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