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I just love stencils so much...


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Sorry about the uneven arrangement... I haven't fontified it yet and the spiked glyphs wouldn't align in Illustrator.

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John, the spiked stencil, now you've outdone yourself. Never seen anything like it. However, I like the bottom ones (Rounded and Grungy) better than the spiked ones. Can we see more of those? The spiked ones might work for a zoo exhibit or a World's Longest Fingernail Competition. Have you tried a setting?


Also, a quick way to align these...use the nudge arrows. You can set the values using control-k, then nudge them to a guide or a snap-to grid. Quick and painless. If you use the open arrow or open lasso tools to select specific points, the nudge will also help you move your points around to experiement or to precisely align.

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Also, the stencil by itself is tasty.

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BJ -- Thanks for the kind words. To be honest, though I really like the spiked characters, I saw them more as swashes than as a complete alphabet unto itself. Thus:

Here is what I have for Grungy and Rounded:


I'd appreciate any suggestions about the individual glyphs -- X and Q seem problematic, among others...

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In the Grungy version, I would suggest rounding the top right of the J, rounding the upper left and lower right corner of the O, and rounding the lower right corner of the Y.

The rounded version doesn't feel as unique to me as your other versions - Get more expressive with it and experiment, it may become something amazing.

Stuart :D

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Thanks for the comments... I'm still working on things. Here is a (somewhat) revised Grungy and a whole new version that I call Hellios Italic.


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your type here reminds me of some of my experiments, which have yet to be posted here (i'm fairly new)
regarding your 14.sep posting of 'rounded', i feel that the Q is handled very well (you're aware that there is no Q in the grungy set)
the character which is bothering me in the rounded set (actually both sets) is the K. there is nothing round about it, and it feels like an R to me. maybe add your round treatment on the upward right corner of the bowl...
another problematic letter in the rounded set

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Q problem - perhaps the spike darts out from the center and not on the side. i.e. instead of it being a crazy serif its actually involved in the letterform.

with the roundy knobs version replace spike for roundy knob facing up.

Grundgy Q is just fine - you've utilized the corner shape consistently such as G, S R, 5 and 6. but I think you forgot to break off the stroke on the R...the rest do.

X - umm, perhaps use up the full grid there and make the 2 splits along the same lines as your O - you'll get a nice mini x in the middle eh?

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John and Tanya -- thanks for the great suggestions! Here's what I came up with:


Tanya, is this what you meant?

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kind'a here...about the Qs and R


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