crit for Benmont

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I've been developing this over the past few days and wanted to get some feedback. Thanks.

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Russ, Benmont is quirky and I love it. I know that doesn't sound like a serious, bona fide crit, but that's how I feel!

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I love those caps!

Not too sure about the lowercase just to yet, but those caps are very cute.

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My reaction is the opposite of Alex's. The lowercase is nifty but the caps aren't quite there.

I think both W and w might be better off without the trailing stroke.

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Thanks for the comments so far.

Alex, what is there about the lowercase you might change?

Cerulean, what could make the caps look better?


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Just some things that look out of character. I would definitely:
Round the top left _or_ square the bottom left of the C.
Give the D a top-left stem (as on B, P, R).
Remove the upturn from the bottom right of the E.
Rethink the G completely.

Beyond that, the general squareness seems harsher on the tall capitals than on the lowercase, but as I flip back and forth between them it occurs to me that we can't really judge how well they go together without seeing them set together.

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I agree with alexhb - I'm feeling the caps!

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Thanks for the feedback cerulean and grosner. I'll make the changes and see what it looks like at that point.

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