Handdrawn fonts

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Kenny - Max Kisman has a couple of nice ones.


Maybe Chank or Brian Bonislawsky?


You could also draw your own, depending on what
flavor you are looking for.


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I've never made my own fonts before (i know, shame on me). Maybe I should give it a try.
Is it difficult? :p
What kind of program do you recomment, after I have made sketches?

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you might check out


In lieu of that, you scan your stuff into a raster program
such as Photoshop.
Streamline the raster to get vector.
Then the vector you can turn into a font using
FontLab or Fontographer or FontStudio.

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great thanks mate!

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>What kind of program do you recomment, after I have made sketches?

Seeing as no-one else mentioned it, if you're new to type design and want to experiment before investing the $600 for FontLab, you could try TypeTool, FontLab's smaller brother, at a fraction of the price, with the added benefit its not nearly as scary to use!


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Action Jackson is a Tom7 font, there's a link to his site on the page that lists the font: http://fonts.tom7.com/

All of his fonts are hand drawn like that. I've found several of them useful before.

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great thanks david and chris! just what i was looking for

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Point Central has some. Their site is down right not though. Astigmatic too.

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