Scriptum – A robust typeface

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Dear typophiles,

I've been fiddling around quite a while with this (it started in type battle #12 or #14, if I can remember), and I think now it's the right time for some feedback whether you like it or not...

Please concentrate on a-z, A-Z and at the moment, all the figures and special characters are not very clean yet.

Even in the basic characters, there are some inconsistencies yet, where I'm not sure which direction I should go (see lowercase r or upper case Y for example). The Smallcaps are still quite dirty, especially the serifs.

There are 4 cuts at the moment:
roman book
roman titling
italic book
italic titling

Maybe there will be a semibold some time later, but this is just an idea. I don't know if it really fits, but it would give some more flexibility for typographers.

enough talking... chop it :)

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There seems to be a curiously odd rd line though the uppercase 'I' on page 3, not that it has anything to do with the typeface however. I think it's lovely, and to come from a type battle none the less. (Where did they go anyhow?)

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I find the fading of the ampersand a little much, I like it, but I think I might close in the bottom gap just a hair or two more. Also on the 'sk', 'sp' and 'st' ligatures, there's a bit of a point sticking out that doesn't come down as smooth as it should.

There's a glitch or two in the PDF, but it doesn't seem to be part of the font, such a there's a negative knockout in the lowercase 'y' of the titling italic sample page.

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Lovely & crafty.

The italic 'a' seems to be at slightly the wrong angle. It seems like it should tilt to the right just a tad more.

The shape of the italic 'w' bugs me a bit, although I'm having a hard time describing why. It's as if the right-hand curve is trying to decide whether to be just slanted or curved.


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I don't see any reason why the eth shouldn't come up to full height. Is there a good one?

I know that before I knew a lot about fonts, I was distracted even by the fact that a lot of fonts have capitals shorter than their lowercase ascenders. I thought it was an amateur mistake, and distracting. I'm not suggesting you change that, obviously, because it looks good in almost any font, but I think if you leave the eth short like that, your Icelandic reading community is going to be distracted, and a good text font ought to be pretty much invisible to laymen.

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Wow. This seems really nice. I like it's rough and slightly chunky feeling. I am printing out the PDF to see what it feels like off screen. I'll let you know how it looked to me in a day or two.

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More about the design of the thorn and eth.

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Nice link Stephen.

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i love it!



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This is indeed lovely. It must be one of the best things to come out of the Type Battles (I miss them too). I'd love to hear about its progress.

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I have come back to this a few times. Something was bugging giving me pause but I wasn't sure what - especially since the forms are so nice when they are big. In the end I think I found all the lovely detail & character made the face noisy to me at small sizes. What you are doing for optical scale seems to be working as far as I can tell. Maybe making the intensity of character fade up with display sizes and lessen with text sizes would help me. Or maybe the detail/character needs to be more apparent and isn't just below some kind of threshold. I ma not sure which.

What do you think of this?

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This is REALLY nice! The bumps and modulation work really well. The italic is especially lovely.
Did you get further with developing the shapes? I hope this turns into a whole font! :)

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