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I really want to learn how to do package design and dip into that field as much as I can.

I don't know what other options there are except to be lucky and work somewhere that will allow me to experiment and learn a long the road. Any suggestions or experiences to share?

Thanks Typophilies. you rule :-)

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Have you ever heard about Purup Prepress AS, Denmark?
They were market leader for technical design of labels and packaging in the 1990ies.

Before I hooked up there as a region sales manager (I am a newspaper specialist, coming from Atex) I had no idea how difficult and experienced packaging printing is. Purup gave me a chance to learn a lot. Purup did a good job for education and documentation of their technology. I know e.g. there is a movie for free download on Lars Kähler's Global Type:
(157 MB - 50 minutes) - so a lot of download-time.
But the film is great.

PS: And because life has a lot of humor, today the landlord of my Preußisches Bleisatz-Magazin is Bagel-Druck. The produced (and still produce) their designs for labels and packaging with Barco, Purup's hangman...


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i published a book last year on the basics of learning package design:

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Target your job search on firms that do a lot of package design. Some firms specialize in it. Are you planning to come up to SF from Gilroy for work? More choices....

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thanks a million everyone :)

no- the plan isn't to commute from gilroy. trying to save money at least to get to San Jose. parents can't help. sucks but im determined.

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I know computers arts magazine did a special projects issue on packaging design(issue 92,xmas 2006).

Im sure some of the tutorials in that issue are in their online database of downloadable pdfs.

i tried to find it but they annoyingly lack a seacrh facility so you will have to trawl through them all.

hope this helps :)

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create magazine interviewed me and several other designers for this article about the state of package design in the midwest (linked here underthe "FEATURES" category):

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