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Dear Typophile community.

This logo is for a small architecture firm in Stockholm:

(high resolution here)

It is based on the typeface Orgasmia Outline by Brito Renato ( but I have altered the "o" and the "t" to make every letter consist of (only) one self-intersecting line.

I like how the letters are both pixel-based and drawn with a line.
The name " o m k r e t s " means "circumference" or "orbit" (sort of) in Swedish.

Please tell me what you think!


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It's late here in London so please don't mistake my brevity for being curt. I applaud your desire to be creative, and I can see the effort that went into this.

However, honestly, it's rather difficult to read.

It's not going to be particularly useful in tiny sizes—a good logo should be readable under even the most stringent, adverse conditions.

Very faddish and likely to seem anachronistic in the foreseeable future.

And most importantly, no concept. What's the idea? What's it trying to say? If their name means circumference or orbit or something to that effect, perhaps that would be a starting point for an idea-based logo as opposed to just a really cool typeface logo.

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I found it readable and the concept seems to be the single line = orbit.

Perhaps a bit faddish, but not terribly so. I like it.

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For small sizes why not have a version where the spaces between the lines are filled.

It's really nifty though. I like it.

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I like it. In The Nethelands architects don’t like to have a real logo. They only like their name typeset in Futura, Helvetica or Din.


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Thank you very much for your comments so far!

I realize it doesn't work so well in small sizes, maybe a filled version is better.

I'll try to explain the idea behind the logo:
These images describe the "spirit" of the name and the company:

It's about enclosing or encircling space in an orbiting fashion.

I wanted to use something curly, like a script typeface, but still funky or contemporary. I tried these fonts first:

Easyscript from Lineto


Also, the single stroke look (especially rounded endpoints, like in Easyscript) I think relates to architectural drawings in a way.

I hope this clarifies the intention.
Perhaps there is a better way to express it in the logotype?

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I find the e the least readable character. The r and s are created with a more obvious 3 dimensional look than the others it seems to me there might be some mileage on making that more apparent, however the o is not working as well for me.


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Just a general thought on the name.
I'm swedish too and omkrets is a very round word and I really expect to see soft round shapes on a logotype witch uses the name omkrets. When I look at that first version it goes in the direct opposite of what I was expecting to see.

I'm not saying that a scrpt or serif wouldn't work that was just the first thing that came to mind.

Encircling space in an orbiting fashion is a cool idea though. You could try to have the encircled space form the letters and the orbiting space filled with a color, could create some interesting forms. Might be difficult with some letters but it would be interesting to see.

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I find the e and k affect legibility. Overall, I like the concept.


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Thanks again for your comments!

I'll just post the original Orgasmia letters so that you can compare the "o" and "t":

Changed version here:

At some point I was trying this concept:

An orbiting motion becomes the "O" and "m" and continues to form the rest of the word as script. I was not so successful when trying to draw this more properly.

Another example of the orbiting line:

I realize my proposed logo at the top is quite stiff and square compared to these other tests.

@kattttor: are you saying that you were expecting more circles and a clean sans serif? I'm not sure I understand your idea about "the encircled space form[ing] the letters" could you try to explain more please?

I also just tried this (don't laugh!):

I like the "e". Not so sure about the rest of them.

Yet another test:


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I actually kind of like the second last version in your latest post. I'd say thin the strokes and refine the curves a little more and you could have a winner.

I'd also like to see it with the shapes filled in.

- Lex

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Here is a test with filled shapes:

The first one is without strokes. (There is a version like this one in the original font family, it´s actually the "Regular"!)
Second one is with thin strokes and the
third one is with the original stroke thickness.

I like the first one quite a lot. Perhaps a little skinny though.
Perhaps a little less letterspacing?


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I liked the idea in your concept drawings where the 'o' was the focus of the logo.

I would suggest a version where the 'o' is as it is now (or even loopier!), and 'mkrets' is drawn simply, with no extra loops or overlaps. At the risk of sounding curt - I think your current idea has 'too much of a good thing' going on.

My 2 penneth worth.

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Yeah, I expected to see s soft and round sans serif. Architecture is very precise. With the filled space thing I meant exactly what you have now in your latest post.

I'm interested in seeing how your current idea would look on a round and clean sans serif

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>It’s about enclosing or encircling space in an orbiting fashion.

For what it's worth...

Raw pure Architecture (cap. A) is not about enclosing or encircling space... It 'moves' with space and is 'of' space - just as you 'move' and are 'of' Life (cap. L). And if you really want to get down to it, it's space that defines mass. Beethoven wrote that he composed the space between the notes...

A current trend/fashion in architecture (lower case 'a') is deconstructivism (think Gehry et. al), and to that flavor I think your concept is somewhat appropriate.

Btw, take a look at the work of Torii Ippo and his contemporaries at: .

...I'm beginning to ramble.


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Thanks, I have the feeling you are absolutely right.
I'm just not sure how to make it come out nicely...

You see, I tried something similar before and I wasn't very pleased with it:

(Great to have someone Swedish commenting on the actual name!)
Yes, architecture is very precise, but does that necessarily mean perfect circles and squares? I don't think so. Many other forms can be 'precise' or 'simple' in a much more interesting way. Also, a circle is not the only thing that has a 'circumference' (omkrets), right?.

I don't want to emphasize on the circle too much because I think this interpretation is narrowing down the concept of 'omkrets' to just 'circumference of a circle'.

However I have chosen three typefaces that I like, with circular 'o' just for you!

Glaser Stencil:



What do you think? Was there another typeface you had in mind? Please show me!

Interesting point.
Luckily, architecture is wide enough to embrace any definition of it.

There were some amazing designs on the Bamboo page! Thanks for sharing this link. I think I could be happy spending the rest of my life making baskets. It seems tricky though, ten years just to get started...


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Variex looks nice, that was what I expected to see when I read omkrets and heard it was for a architecture firm.

You're right though it dosen't have to be a round sans serif. It can be pretty much anything but in my mind I see clean and precise. That's just what architecture means to me.

I like the version with filled spaces better then the original. The O is the letter that bothers me most.

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the first ones (scugaly concepts) I do like the best, try tiner stroke and I do agree O need work

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I just tried this:

'Kapelka' from ParaType.

It's something completely different, but I like it.


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