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I have a client writing a book/dictionary in Word on a PC. When I open it on my mac several of the phonetic characters disappear and an underline replaces it. When I open the file it doesn't ask for a font and it is using Times New Roman. Does Times New Roman on a PC have more characters than Mac? Thoughts suggestions ideas?

Also, I'm suddenly realizing that I might need to use a different typeface for the book, a typeface which contains all the phonetics which might be used in a dictionary.

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I'll add that I'm starting to look now and I don't want to come across as completely helpless. But, jeez, I feel it.

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Does Times New Roman on a PC have more characters than Mac?
i believe, the answer depends on which version of Window the user is running. i've heard that TNR which ships with Vista has been updated and expanded. TNR version 3.0 doesn't seem to have any IPA extensions.

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Oh phooey!

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phonetic fonts at myfonts.com

or there's fedra

or perhaps Ascender can license you the Vista version of TNR?

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Short answer. Microsoft Word on the mac doesn't see the glyphs the same. I opened the same file in Text Edit and InDesign and all glyphs were present and accounted for. :^/ Derr!

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Tiffany, could it be some sort of encoding issue?

Edit: Correction... I think it's more like what you said earlier -- your client may be using the Unicode version of Times New Roman. If I remember correctly, Times New Roman Unicode does have extra characters in it -- not as complete as Arial Unicode, maybe, but those phonetic characters might be in there. I can't confirm this since I am no longer at my old job, where I had a Mac and a PC... Sorry. Anyway, there is more info here and a complete TNR Unicode character chart here.

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