(x) Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/Sparta - ITC Avant Garde Gothic w/ Alt {Tiffany}

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i've tried looking this up and its probably somewhere on this board but..
what's this one? seems as is a number of bands are grabbing hold of it

im in my first type class, so the terminology isnt entirely in my grasp
"angular"? ha.

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Avant Garde + Alternates

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thank you

i feel silly now, but more informed

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yea, i was crushin pretty hard at first, (angular alternates for A and M)
but now i've seen it used enough

it feels like rounded fonts being abused and considered "2.0"

thanks for the immediate help!

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'Rounded' would be type with 'soft' endings, eg VAG Rounded.

Avant Garde is a 'Geometric sans' (but what do I know — type classification is a fiercely disputed field of science).

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Hehehe, I just had this discussion with Stephen a couple of days ago -- whether to call typefaces with rounded stroke endings "rounded" or "soft". :^)

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Soft is certainly less ambiguous, so I'll try to use it more often. But Rounded isn't so bad, as many soft styles of fonts have "Rounded" in their name. Rounded for geometrics, though, really doesn't work. If anything, "round" would be more accurate, but still not very good.

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oh oh.. i didnt mean this particular type was rounded, im just saying that i see it used frequently lately :)

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yea i just posted a topic about this yesterday lol

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'VAG Soft' ???

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Yeah, but isn't "Rounded" almost as vague? Maybe "Sausage" is the answer.

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