Don't want to use Arial or Times New Roman

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Hello All,

I have a project designing instruction sheets for a mid-sized company. They exist in the PC world and are not interested in purchasing any fonts. As a matter of fact, the company Logotype is set in Univers 67 which causes them some problems because they do not have the font. So using the Univers family is out. When I asked what do they have, so I can know my choices, they told me they mostly use Arial. My question is what are the typical fonts pre-installed on PCs? and of those which would you recommend? The instruction sheets have a fair amount of running text and there is a hierarchy of heads and subheads.

I welcome any and all input.


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From that list I would suggest that Franklin Gothic would give you the opportunity to produce something that doesn't look like 99% of other documents that come off a PC.

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Thank you both for responding. As I was looking at the list, I also thought Franklin Gothic could be a good choice. However do you think it is suitable for paragraphs of text? I'm also concerned that there is only one weight available (plus an ital). Should I look for a serif and use Franklin Gothic for heads?

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