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I am in the process of brainstorming for a company that will design and print trading cards for children involved in sports. The concept of the company name "9" was my high school soccer number. The company will actively encourage children to participate in sports while reflecting on the positive impact that sports have on one's character, self-esteem, etc. Sports have done so much for me and I'd like to do something like this to encourage children to participate and follow their dreams.

So, I'm looking for something clean, hip and cutting edge. An identity that would appeal to youth (elementary, middle, high-school), on ball caps, t-shirts, hoodies, etc.. The attached logo is in its initial stages.

I'm also looking for a sans serif font (for body text) that could work well with the text in this logo. Also, I'm looking for a nice font to go with the logo that reads "established 2007" or something along those lines. Maybe something scripty, historic but modern and hip.

Thanks for much for any input that you can provide!


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Make sure your files are in RGB mode, or else they won't display in some browsers (like mine).

- Lex

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Thanks, Lex, for the heads up. RGB..

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I'd go for the middle one at the bottom. The "serif" on the n gives it a nice touch (especially with its repeat as the dot on the i). I'm not to sure about the 9 though. Maybe you could play around with it some more, it looks a little out of place now. I think a 9 with a straight diagonal descender would be better for the type. You definitely need a different font for the "established 2007" bit. Something scripty might be good & give it a extra vintage sporty look.

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This is an excellent project and I wish you much success is finalizing it. More than ever, kids need to be active and self-motivated to build confidence and pride.

I don't want to knock your work, because I think the first crop of ideas is well done. I would like to maybe suggest a title change to reflect your goals. I don't feel any connection to the word/number "nine". How about something that creates a connection between group sports and the individual like maybe... Team One. Just something to consider.

Secondly I agree with Tom on the type choice for the number 9. I'd suggest a vertical descender as well, maybe an italicized sans.

And you're looking for a script for the established 2007 text that's modern. Check out the script faces at like Amorinda or Malback (Veer also carries some nice modern scripts) or maybe even September from t26 (

A sans serif body copy suggestions : check out FF Meta, FF Fago, or Whitney from HFJ

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Maybe you can try something clever while mirroring the e to make it look like a nine. Just a thought :)

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Thanks so much for your input, everyone. What great insight! I agree with your ideas, especially the comment about lacking connection with the "9" and room for improvement with the concept (Team One, etc.). I've been feeling that disconnect too so it's great to hear it from someone. The sudtipos scripts are brilliant choices that I'll look into. I'll explore this very soon and repost. I just got home from a very long day of work and don't have it in me to tackle this right now.

Thanks again! More soon...


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Thanks again for all of your input. I'm currently brainstorming on name possibilities for this company. In addition to the style presented above, I'm also drawn to the athletic-looking vintage baseball scripts. I think this might work well for this purpose.

In thinking more about the name of the company, I became nostalgic and thought about my youth, playing sports with my father in the backyard. He certainly was a huge influence in the development of my passion for sports. His sports nickname was "Jimmy" and I'd love to use it as a name/logo but, I'm concerned about the alternate meanings associated with this expression. :) Am I off track here? Vintage but somewhat modern, sporty. Jimmy. The best fonts of this style that I found are Fenway Park and Ballpark Script.

I really like the style of the attached Peralta logo too.

Research in progress. Any input would be appreciated but I realize that I haven't offered much here.

Thanks again!!

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Here's an update. I have been working on other name possibilities for this company and did some testing with the latin word "mirus" which means "extraordinary". I thought this was a strong word with a hidden/subtle meaning that can communicate how extraordinary kids are while touching upon one of the business objectives of the business - designing and producing high-end, unique, compelling and extraordinary trading cards for youth athletes. Sports can be a means of building a child's self-esteem, confidence, etc. and these trading cards will help facilitate this.

I am hoping to add some kind of dimensionality or effect to the star or some type of rectangular shapes (see logo 5) with dimension to make this logo more appealing. I like the symbolism of the star (achievement, special, etc.) but also wonder if there is a visual way to show an abstract image of trading, cards, etc. I'll pursue this further soon.

In case you can't read the text. it reads: MIRUS.. trading cards.. Extraordinary Kids. Extraordinary cards.

Thanks for any input that you can offer!

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I wouldn't use 3D-like shapes in this logo. I like the way the third one looks which is -I assume- the same as the first without the supporting text "Extraordinary kids. Extraordinary cards". It's either because of its smaller size or because the fact that it's set in white against a black background (my guess is the first), but it works better this way. In the second logo the star in front kind of takes away the effect of the "serif" from the "m" which is the logo's primary appeal. The fourth is a definite no-go.

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I like 1 & 3 as well. There is some interesting negative space around the letters.

At first, I thought 5 was clever. But then after some thought, I realized that the net/goal might be construed as windows or mirrors (especially since "mirus" is a cognate for "mirror.")

I like you new name a lot, btw.


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I really like the name 'mirus'! Unique, yet full of meaning.

Logo #1 is quite suitable, IMHO. The 'S' is a bit serpentine-esque, and I just don't like serpentine, but overall, I think it's great. Also, 1-4 all look like acceptable variations on the same logo so it's also quite versatile.

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Thanks for the input, everyone. Your feedback is very helpful, that is for sure. I'm going to attach a few examples of potential starting points for the 3D effect that I touched upon earlier. I might be overthinking it but it feels like the star needs something.

Thanks for the info on mirus's cognate, mirror. I did not know that. I should definitely stay away from the rectangular "wall".

For the record, I am currently using DIN Bold and Regular for the secondary copy (TRADING CARDS, etc.).. Any comments on that? I like the edginess of this logo but don't want it to be too harsh for a younger audience. I totally agree with the serpentine comment about the S. I may alter this a little bit for this reason. Any comments on that would be appreciated. I'm also not too sure about the bottom stem of the R, it feels a bit weak. I'll explore this further soon.

Thanks again. What great insight you all have!


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Hey Josh,

I like the 2D look for the logo. It is a departure from most logos today that try to be "hip" by adding 3D effects. It also harkens back to the old-school Starter jackets and team logos. Although, I do have to say that the 3D logos that you attached above are very nice.


P.S.: Just to clarify what I meant by "cognate:" I should have said "false cognate for 'mirror'" because a cognate is a word in another language that looks like its translation in English. i.e. "Automobile" looks like the English translation "Automobile." So although mirus doesn't mean 'mirror,' it could easily be viewed that way if you don't know Latin. Just a point of information. :)

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Thanks for your feedback, Scott and my apologies for the delayed response. I'm still feeling that the logo needs a little "something" to make it feel complete. I'm still exploring if this is a 3d look or simple effect applied to the letters/logo to make it more visually interesting.

For now, I put together a quick card to show the mirus logo in use with a secondary logo that could potentially be used for the first base set of cards for this series. The base set would be entitled "Authentic" or "JD Authentic". The example I am presenting here is a very quick, rough concept with little to no real type treatment for the player name, position, team and number. I'm working on fine tuning these logos (primary and secondary) to make them work well together. Again, some king of coloring, or simple effect (weathered, for example, for the authentic logo). As you all know, the "Authentic" font is Fenway Park from Veer. I'm impressed with it but am working on creating a "JD Authentic" logo.

So, that's it for now. Any feedback is certainly welcome. Thanks so much again for all of you assistance.


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I still love your design and I don't think you should change it. But I noticed this yesterday and thought of your post:

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Hey Josh, I like where your going with this idea, I have had the same idea in the past. I've thrown the idea around in my head for awhile now. Finally decided to do some reseach on it and came across this site. I feel the same way about sports and now have my childern activate in sports. An kids love the idea of having there on trading cards, the ones that are offered our very generic looking. The picture has you kneeing on one knee holding the ball, horrible if you ask me. Anyway I was wondoring if you have kicked this business off the ground yet our not. I'm interested in what your doing and would like to hear more.


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