(x) BranchServe and CustomVault logos - Univers Cond {Stephen}

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I've been trying unsuccessfully to ID the attached logo type, so I'm turning to the experts. It doesn't appear to be; Interstate, Arial Narrow, Arial Condensed, Helvetica Neue Cond., nor Franklin Gothic Cond. It's a challenge due to the limited characters. Could it be custom? And if so would you please recommend what fonts would work nicely with the logotype? I will be creating in-house instruction manuals, not exciting but I'd like them to be the best they can be.

Thank you, your expertise is truly appreciated.


branchserv_finallogo_both.gif3.36 KB
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You hit a lot of the standard grots, but missed Univers.

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Yes!!!! Thank you. Obviously didn't scan deep enough into my alphabetical listings. :)

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