(x) "Good day in the office, darling?" condensed sans - ITC Franklin Gothic XCd {Conor}

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Can you help me identify this font please?

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It could be. I didn't see that, and I'm supposed to be looking for a font to replace Franklin Gothic... This is why this site humbles me.

But, the example is from Bon Magazine, so the problem is I wouldn't expect them to squoosh fonts, unless it's a custom made squooshing they've ordered. Here are also a few more examples where I think at least 'j', 'c' and 'y' are different to Franklin?

The font is also used throughout their website www.bonmagazine.com.

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thanks, that's it.

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Good job, Conor. Embarrassed I missed that cut, especially since I should have known it wasn't squooshed.

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If you are trying to replace Franklin, why would you want someting looking the same? What is it about Franklin that you find needs changing?


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You’re welcome Katju.

Stephen, I guess you’re only human (not the top secret FontShop-produced type-identifying machine we all thought you were).


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I wasn't actually looking for anything too similar to Franklin. So I surprised myself when I realised that it was the first thing I stumbled upon - embarrasingly not recognising the cut. Maybe unconsciously I am not yet ready to give up on Franklin, it has served me well.

But, the remaining problem is that on the text setting Franklin seems too rigid to me now. Here is a link to a thread on what I'm looking for: http://typophile.com/node/32883

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