25th Anniversary

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Hey Guys,
I need a recommendation for a gorgeous numerals for a 25th Anniv card. The closest I could look into was the numerals from ITC's Bodoni 12 and Clarendon numerals but they just don't feel right with my Caslon's.

I'm willing to pay for the entire typeface as long as it isn't too bad, but I want the 2 and the 5 to really catch someones eyes (flourishes/swashes perhaps). The numerals 25 is the only thing visible on the front of the card so it needs to hold its own.

Oh yeah and it has to go with my Caslon's.

Thanks for the help.

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You're lucky. 2 and 5 are great vessels for ball terminals. Maybe one of those will do.

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Hmmm very nice....I'm liking Kursivschrift as well.

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