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Hi Typophiles,

I've been working on my first typeface, and would appreciate your feedback. Please be gentle.

The typeface is all caps. It's based on some letters cast into the front of an old industrial building in San Francisco. The angular S was one of the original letterforms; I've also drawn a less eccentric alternate. There are also two ampersands because I like them both.

Many thanks.

Michael Starkman

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The eccentric S looks fine, you don't need the more ordinary alternate.

Did the original sample have an 'E' or 'F' in it? I would try the E with the middle horizontal as low as the bar in the A. And try the F with the horizontal very high.

I feel like I've seen this building in SF, but I can't quite place it. Where is it?


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Thanks for your comments, Matt. The original sample did include an F, and I'm trying to be as true to the original letters as possible, but I might include the variations you suggest as alternates.

The building is on Harrison Street, between 8th and 7th, here in San Francisco.

Thanks again.


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Michael, have we met?

I know this building and have beeen meaning to photograph the lettering. It's concrete, with the letters impressed or recessed, right? A large industrial building with the lettering at the top.

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