Volgare - by Stephen Farrell

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Hello folks,
I have been asked to track down a typeface called Volgare. I've done some research on the net and found out it was developed by Stephen Farrell from Slip Studios. Most of his fonts are licenced through [T-26] but not this one. Does anyone know the font and if it is commercially available?

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I tried, but couldn't track it down either.
There is nothing so annoying as seeing a typeface
lauded in the annuals and then not being able to obtain it.

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Isn't that "Volgare Project" CD for sale anywhere?
And I'm sure there's a way to track down an email for Farrell - maybe through Emigre.


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Paul, I am a HUGE fan of Volgare. There is little information about it on the web. Here is the best and only page that describes Volgare: http://www.altx.com/ebr/ads/ebr6/farrell/page3.htm (it's a pain in the ••• to navigate though).

Volgare took Stephen 4 years to make and you can tell in its detailed construction. All the information I know about it is in that link above, so I encourage you to read that. If you want a copy of the font you have to call Stephen and ask him to send you a CD with the font, it costs $75. It is well worth the price.

He is also mentioned in this article on Design Observer http://www.designobserver.com/archives/000021.html

As mentioned there, Volgare was on display at the Cooper Hewitt's original design triennial http://ndm.si.edu/triennial/animation.html

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http://www.altx.com/ebr/ads/ebr6/farrell/orderfrm.htm -- I just noticed that Armin posted linkage to the same thread. Oh well.

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FYI: Stephen Farrell teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, contact can be made with the Visual Communication Dept. I'm sure Volage is still available for sale.


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I like a lot the way Volgare seems assembled.
I had the opportunity to see how difficult it is to keep a manuscript handwriting "natural", without added stylizations when I attempted a similar thing a few years ago.

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