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Hi everyone,

I have a queery, i am using Fontographer to design a small set of 7 character typefaces. In the typfaces I am using 'alt a' (the apple sign). I have applied the letter to this character. Now, when it comes to generating the font, all is well and 6 of the letters work perfect. The seventh however, the 'alt a', does not seem to generate as a character. In inDesign, it shows the infamous outlined rectangle for a missing charater.

I am very new to Fontographer so am totally stuck on this problem. Can anyone tell me why this character in particular is not generating. It is very important that it is this 'alt a' key.

Thanks in advance


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This is a BUILD topic. :^) I'll move it for you.

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ah sorry, thanks Miss Tiffany


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It's been a while since I used Fontographer, but wouldn't the charcter you've designed (that doesn't work) need to be placed in one of the boxes in the character map that uses the option key. For eg: ™, ©, #, ¶

The Apple key + a will SELECT ALL

The Option key is different.

Let me know if this helps.

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(completely misunderstood the post and deleted my stupid answer..."

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The apple symbol is not "alt-a", at least on the US keyboard layout. (It's shift-option-k.) Alt-a (or option-a) is å. Maybe if you put your character in the å (aring) slot it will work the way you want.

(Note also that the apple symbol is not normally accessible on Windows.)

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Second thought: I see from your profile that you are in Sweden, so my advice may not be relevant to your local keyboard layout.

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