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Anybody know the meaning of this image, or just the idea of two branches crossed?

Would help much, thanks in advance!

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Does it have to do with the crossing of olive branches? A symbol of peace?

In the original Olympics, the winner was awarded an olive branch.

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Yeah, Matt Desmond said the same thing. I think you are probably right...

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Yes, Jeremy Mickel, I suggest it can be related to the Palm (Branch) Sunday, Jesus’ entering Jerusalem (John 12:13).

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Was using it for a symbol for marriage, didn't know if I was going to be WAY off or like it secretly meant something when you crossed them, heh.

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I searched for information about the same symbol a while ago, there is a lot to be found on the internet, for example; Olive branch on wikipedia.

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The UN copped it in 1948.

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It could also be a laurel wreath, representing victory/superiority.

Wikipedia may just add to the confusion


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