Em dash usage in broken sentence

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Hello all. Please let me know if this has been answered elsewhere.

I need to set a sentence with an em dash. But, because of space reasons, the sentence needs to break. How would I set something like the example below? Does the em dash go to the top line or the bottom one?

blah blah blah--
blah blah etc

OR do you place it like so:

blah blah blah
--blah blah etc

I remember seeing an article that covers this situation but I can't seem to find it at the moment.

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I've seen #1 too. And I believe Illustrator does it that way with justified text blocks (not to say Illustrator is em dash god, though).

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Felici's 'Compete Manual of Typography' says that much typesetting software sees an em or en dash as an appropriate place to break a line. So I guess the first would be the common wisdom.

Bringhurst in 'Elements of Typographic Style' recommends using en dashes to set off phrases,with a word space before and after. The em dash he recommends using only to introduce dialogue (beginning the sentence), which he says is the European practice.

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True. Example 1 does look clearer. I've gone this route for my em dash example. Thanks!

I remember having a link at home, somewhere, explaining all the rules regarding em and en dashes in breaking lines such as this. I'll post it as soon as I find it.

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I would go for example 1, if only because it looks better with the
left alignment and maybe reads slightly clearer.

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