Experimental Approach to Display Sans

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Hello good people of Typophile,

Last year I got the idea to design a typeface based on people's handwriting.
Not in the sense that the outcome should look handwritten

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Eh... if any of you moderators are following this, feel free to delete the last post.

Now, once again:
Sample of one the specimens

Sample of the type-sheet; the A's

The typeface as it is right now

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Mads, this is very interesting. Not only are you trying to distill the "essence" of handwring apparently, but it's certainly a genial idea to base it on the handwriting of many other people!


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Thank you, Hrant!
I almost forgot; I did a few words with it as well:

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Hi Mads. Nice work. Reminds me a bit of Keedy's ol Jot face although they are not that similar, but I would guess design process is similar. It is excellent. H is very unique but fits well with rest of glyphs. A is a bit too angular, although form is very nice. Maybe P should have a tad bigger bowl...
Also alternates would be ideal so it does not look too computer generated when used.

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Mange tak Ole. You are definetly right about the alternatives. I'll have a second look on A and P as well. Though I'm glad that both of you are so positive towards it, I'm quite surprised that none of you comment on the X and Z..
I'm thinking the X might be a bit 'too much'. Of course, this would be solved if there were and alternative without the curl. Also, the Z doesn't have quite the right curve yet, I think.
I've been told that the T, Y and M stands out because they are very straight-legged in proportion to the other glyphs. Personally I like that they are a bit 'quiet' in comparison to for example the X.
Any thoughts on this?

Also, Ole: do you have a link to Keedy's Jot face? Is it Keedy as in Jeffery Keedy? I've tried searching the board and Google, but haven't found anything.


ps. I keep getting an 'Internal Server' error and no upload-dialogue when I try to upload pictures to the board. Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Mads -- you might try writing everything and then upload lastly. Take the text it puts into your email and then paste it where you want it to go. It seems to be working (mostly) lately. Unfortunately I haven't been able to figure out a specific "why" to how it happens.

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