Indesign with Hindi Fonts

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Can we work with XP's Unicode fonts like Mangal in Indesign? if we can pls help.

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Hello Rajeshksethi,

If you are still struggling with this problem, you should take a look at the following blog

I have been using IndicPlus to help me out with Indic Scripts in InDesign. If you are using CS2 or CS3 version of InDesign then this is your only option. If you are using CS4 then there are some other plugins as well and you could also use Java Scripts. To me, IndicPlus seems to be the best as it is fast and easy to use and also supports Numbering Styles in all Indian Languages. Above all the company developing this is Indian, so they understand and respond very well to my questions.

Link to IndicPlus

Hope this Helps

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