(x) Carousel UK bus company logo - Gill Sans {modified) {Nick Cooke}

Richard Hards's picture

Does anybody recognise this? It looks like it comes from about three different fonts to me :-{

malbright's picture

Looks a bit like Gill Sans Schoolbook.

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I have a hunch that the 'a' might be manufactured from a 'c' and a straight line to create a distinctive variation for the logo. I also suspect editing of the 'l'. I think the c, r and s are the keys for this font. I think I might pick Formata, if I had to re-create this. Make the 'l' from the 't' by chopping off the cross bars.

- Mike Yanega

Nick Cooke's picture

Mike, remember that this is the UK we're talking about – Gill is everywhere (still!). The o, s and e definitely point in that direction.

Nick Cooke

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I guess you are right Nick. The 'a', 'r' and 'l' have been modified, but I can see the rest look Gill-ish indeed.

- Mike Yanega

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