looking for opinions on type book cost

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Could someone advise me on what would be a decent cost for me to purchase this specimen book. I have the option but have no idea on value.

This image is not of the actual book, but of roughly similar condition. Cover knocked about a bit, with few fingerprints. internally, a few fingerprints on a couple of pages, and foldouts well creased.

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The 1923 ATF Book generally sells for $250 to $350 here in the States. Check out Booksold.com + addall for some prices.

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Thank you for the reply, Bob. Will have to think about it at that cost (about 400-450 Australian). Family and bills come first, unfortunately..

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I would put up a search on eBay. These show up every once in a while but they rarely break the $100 mark. These were printed in an enormous edition, can't recall it off the top of my head. Everyone interested in typography or letterpress already seems to have a copy. In the end, ATF still had so many of them they were used as fuel to heat the facilities.

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they were used as fuel to heat the facilities.

...which must be why they go for so much now.

Small world: I first saw the 1923 ATF catalog while visiting Gerald (aka bieler) and, not only that, purchased my own copy from someone in Australia (for $250 Australian).

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Hi Mark

That would have been in St Paul, I'd guess. :—) Those were good formative years for me.

Someone sent me a bunch of big old ATFs (pre-1923) a short while back as the result of a favor I did. Smelly, but turn-of-the-century smelly. I love books that smell.

But I've always favored the BB&S cat over ATF for some reason. Bit more funk to it I think. Whenever I see one on eBay I bid as they never ever sell for what they are worth. Probably have a half-dozen of em here and there. I really have to get serious about weeding my library!!! Still, never had a Hansen, which sort of bugs me, hmmm.

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Looked on ebay, and there was one going there (still is). After 4 days no one had bid, so put down a $50 bid. Well it is now over the 100 mark.16 hours to go.

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This ones going on ebay at present

Author: Mergenthaler Linotype Company
Description: xiv, [5-1078] pp. Illustrated throughout with advertisements, facsimiles, drawings, all showing various layout designs, type specimens examples, etc. 8¾x13, green cloth lettered in gilt.
Over 1200 faces and a large variety of special characters listed. Used to assist the Linotype user to a proper selection of Linotype matrices.
Heading: zze(Type Specimen Book)
Place Published:New York
Publisher Name: Mergenthaler Linotype Company
Date Published: 1915

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