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Some artwork for a 1/2 banner ad and 1/3 banner. How does this technique strike you? I like it in theory, but am not sure how it works with pixel fonts.

Also, are the 1/3 banners too small to really pull off the attempt?

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It took my a while to see the 'mean'. I was staring for a while before I saw it. But that's just me. I prefer method 'A'.

At the size I'm looking at now, the 'tangerine' seems too hard to read on the 1/3 banners.

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I didn't see the mean at first, either. And I kept wondering what the split represented through the a and r (almost a swastika).

I like the idea though. It reminds me of my aunts' house. She had the word Jesus knitted on a rectangle on top of her TV.

I think the 1/3 sizes work better in helping to see the whole picture. Perhaps, the larger size should have larger counters and apertures.

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I seem to remember being particularly impressed, after one of my first readings of Ogilvy on Advertising, by his emphasis on

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thanks for your input guys. while i agree that a visual puzzle is sometimes rewarding, i'm not so sure it works for web banners, where the average attentions span might be .0001 seconds.

teeshirts, however, might be a different story.

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