(x) "Annie" soft serif musical logo - similar to Goudy Heavyface {Lex}

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You know, the one used for Little Orphan Annie... I can't find it or a similar enough one anywhere! HELP!!!

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C'mon, if you want us to help, at least go to the trouble of tracking down a sample or link.

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You could use American Typewriter.

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Very likely custom. A condensed Cooper Black.

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Thanks for the replies- now I'm searching for a place to snag these two fonts... :)

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Uh, i don't like the sound of that 'snag'....

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I'd also recommend Goudy Heavyface Condensed. It, and the other fonts, can all be found at FontShop.

- Lex

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Snag for money!

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Ooh- I like the Goudy Heavyface one- looks like that will work well with what I'm doing. Thanks!

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