Balken typeface

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I tried to find the typeface berthold balken, but can't find it anywhere. Where can I find it?

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You'd have to ask Berthold Types, since they get downright testy about anyone messing with their typefaces or font names. I'm guessing it's not been digitized or is no longer available.

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Ken, there's a lot of history that I won't go into, but try not to dig up the dirt here. I just hope no one asks for the thread to be deleted now.

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If I remember correctly, it was once available. Is that the one that looks like a mutant Venus with a very high waist?

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yes, stephen that is the one. It is listed in an old linotype library, but not on the berthold site.

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I know it was once available as a Berthold digital font, because it's in the third edition of FontBook, but I suppose there were some trademark disputes because it's no longer available as far as I can see. I'd write Berthold and ask. Let us know what they have to say!

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