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i want look at Robert Massin's work La Cantatrice Chauve (The Bald Soprano), or Delire a Deux (A Frenzy for Two or More) for a major project/research assignment but am having trouble finding books and information, apart from a few articles that have tiny images of a few spreads

"type as voice" massin distorted type to distinguish soft and loud conversation. most of his work was done in the 60's so it might pay for me to find something a bit more modern anyway, (am also looking at Tomatos Skyscraper which was done in 1994) so was just wondering if anyone knows of any work or designers that have done work similar to Massin?

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Megi Zumstein from Switzerland did something in the same context, but took it even farther. The Project was calles something along the lines of Visualisierung von Sprache [Visualization of Language] and was covered in detail in Typografische Monatsblätter 2/2002. The project transformed acoustic signals of spoken language into visual signals that directly affected type: Filters were applied directly to type based on spoken language.

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