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This is my first time designing a font… It's an illustrator file for now. Wanted to do that neon look thing… what do you think?

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Very well done. I like it.


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yep, cool, simple... make a good display font

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thanks for the comments. I discovered a variation of the font by mistake today! I like it!

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Love it. Very cool.

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First impression: nice. Some problems with straight-to-curve transitions. Most noticeable on the D. Instead of a smooth round there is a bump around 1:00 o'clock and 5 o'clock. The M, V and W look wide to me. You need numbers.

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the first colourful variation is problematic in terms of a normal TTF/PS/OTF font because it's not possible to have more than two colours (with font it's normally black/white)...

The variation of the font is nice but "E" and "F" are not distinct. Borh can be "F"s. "I" can be "J". Otherwise the variation is more liking and more original.

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Nice work! This could work as a chromatic face, like H&FJ's Shades package, or also Adobe's Pepperwood and Rosewood.

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Don't forget what Hermann Zapf said, "a camel is a horse designed by a committee."

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Heck then, let's do away with the whole Critique forum.

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> “a camel is a horse designed by a committee.”

How western. A camel is far superior to a horse in most ways.


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Haven't you seen Hidalgo?

Also, the b&w is very nice. Good work.

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como la descargo?

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Nice font, but i prefer the first version

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The first two color version could be released as a layered font.

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