Computer Arts magazine: what is the name of the Serif fonts used for copytext?

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Computer Arts magazine: what is the name of the Serif font used for their copytext?


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Do you have a sample?

- Lex

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I've got a copy from August of 2005 and if they haven't redesigned, I see both Din and Times New Roman being used.

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Mysterious. The .pdf tutorial I have from CA July of last year lists a number of fonts but not a serif text face; the bodytext is actually set in Syntax and the .pdf was made direct from the magazine pages.

Astarz is it something like this one below? It is what they used in the tutorial demonstration screenshots.

If this is what you're looking for, then it's called Prensa Book, but ITC list the foundry/designer as 'unknown' which is pretty rare in this day and age.

Otherwise you could try asking Paul or Richard direct at

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Isn't Prensa a 2003 release from the Font Bureau's Cyrus Highsmith?

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Spanish for press, Prensa is a new series from Cyrus Highsmith...; FB 2003

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