logo for a textile import/export factory

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i'm designing this new logo for caldea, an asiatic textile import/export italian factory; they ask me for something warm and something that remembers home (the textile they import is almost for house uses.)

this is the solution i gave and they liked it, but they want it to be more similar to textile...do you have any suggestion?

and also, they ask me if i could use the logo as a part of the name, instead of the last "a". do you think it could be better o could work better?

any other suggestion, comment and critique is apprecieted!!

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I'm by no means qualified to critique this, but I can say that as a viewer/reader, I find the mixture of lower case characters with the barless "A" characters difficult to deal with. I guess my brain is making the quick assumption that all the letters are lower case, and I interpret the "A"s as "n"s. I can also say that I do find the colours and serifs feel warm (I guess fitting with the thermal connotations of the name) and mature.

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What about a version in which you use the last cap A from the word cAldeA similar to the logo and get rid of the additional A. Keep the red color. Somehow the crossbar from the cap A feels missing, I would try to give a little hint of the crossbar.

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