digital didi?

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Hello everybody!

Since a friend saw itc didi we are pretty interested in making it new in digital because we couldn't find anything available on internet. No further information also, even on ITC's website.

So we are looking for information some of you may have, like maybe old itc specimens or catalogues... and i also wanted to know what is the legal latitude about "remaking" a font?
The goal is not to make it exactly like it is/was, but to get the general feeling, we specially like the 70's decorative vibe.

For the moment, all i have is this (attached) image, so if that was all we could get, it would finally be, for sure, a new design...

Thanks for your help!


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Designed at ParaType in 1992 by Vladimir Yefimov. Based on letterforms of Firmin Didot, a French typographer from the 18th century, ITC Didi, of 1970, by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase, and Russian typefaces of the 18th–19th centuries. For use in headlines, in advertising and display typography

Nice Specimen of ITC DiDi is shown in 1980 hardcover specimen book " The ITC Typeface Collection"

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Thanks. I had found the didona but the itc typeface book is a good news!

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